The Berkeley Micro-Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is a multidisciplinary group working on many aspects of fluid mechanics at small scales. This work spans many areas including

  • Design of MEMS and Microfluidic Devices, Components and Systems,
  • BioMEMS and the application of MEMS to Biomedical Problems,
  • Fundamental studies of fluid mechanics at very small scales, and
  • Integrated systems.

Graduate students in the laboratory are mainly from either the UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco Graduate Program in Bioengineering or the UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Department. They have a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds including Biomedical, Civil, Electrical , General, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as applied mechanics and applied physics. Undergraduate students are welcome and generally come from Bioengineering, although we have had several from Mechanical Engineering.

The laboratory is associated with BSAC (the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center) and all laboratory members get to become affiliated this large interdisciplinary, MEMS-based research consortium and participate in all BSAC functions. This includes seminars, as well as industry feed-back and contact twice a year. Perhaps most importantly, BSAC offers the ability to work with over one hundred researchers involved with cutting edge MEMS and micro-scale research.

All lab members become skilled and adept at foosball prior to graduation.